Types of Checks

The scope of the checks that VerifIEr can perform is almost without limit. It can verify objects meet naming standards, that code is structured in a certain way, that coding standards are adhered to, that READ statements are efficient, and much more.

The product contains a comprehensive library of checks that can be quickly adapted to meet a project's requirements, either via parameterisation or adapting the check logic. VerifIEr has been designed to allow incorporation of site specific checks. These can either be delivered by IET as part of a tailored implementation, or developed as custom checks by the customer or third party developer.

Examples of checks that VerifIEr can perform include:

The results of the check execution are stored in the VerifIEr database and can be viewed using a custom Results viewer or saved to a report.You can filter on check type, checked item and result code.

VerifIEr errors can also be logged as GuardIEn Code Review Notes to make it easy to view them whilst browsing the action diagram.