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Studio Developer Code Generation Beta Test
IET and Broadcom are delighted to announce the availability of a new generation feature in IET's Studio Developer which uses the recently provided code generation APIs for CA Gen.

Studio Developer is an add-on module for CA Gen that provides a modern and intuitive user interface based on Eclipse, with notably a new action diagrammer with features that have been on most CA Gen developer's wish list for some time, including keyboard driven entry, an undo/redo capability, auto-suggest / complete coding aids, more flexible editing of statements, and much more. There is also an improved UI Designer, a powerful Model Explorer, and a high level of compatibility with the legacy Gen toolset, so it is very easy to use by both experienced and new CA Gen developers.

One limitation until now has been a lack of generation support from the local model. To address this, Broadcom and IET have collaborated on the development of new workstation APIs for code generation which have enabled us to support code generation from within Studio Developer.

The new release of Studio Developer with code generation support is now available for beta testing. If you are interested in participating in the beta test of Studio Developer's code generation capability, please contact me via email: darius.panahy@iet.co.uk.
Darius Panahy, IET Ltd
Hi Darius;

How I can get benefits from this great step (generation API)
My environment  [front-end & back-end  target  Gen Java] with  Host Encyclopedia 
I have big issue  in the generation  to download  the  model then generate on windows  to target  java but the  big issue  is each download you  losing your impact of the change  and need to RE-generate the full  model  regardless the  change  size,I know the best practice to use CSE encyclopedia instead of HE ,But this transfer not recommend form management yet,So I asking is new API can change that by using GuardIEn on HE??
Hi Tarek,

It is on our development plan to provide an add-on for GuardIEn HE to provide automated generation for non-MVS target platforms from an HE. This feature will automatically scope a subset for generation, download the subset to a workstation, prepare the local model and then generate the code using the new APIs.

Kind regards,
Darius Panahy, IET Ltd
Hi Darius;

I think this ADD-ON will be like previous Crossfire form 10 years before form IET as I remember
I hope you give this development high priority in addition we can work together for testing to improve your development our environment need this ADD-ON urgent

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