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New Eclipse Client for GuardIEn
31 October 2018

An all new Eclipse client is now available for GuardIEn and other IET products.
Introduced with the 8.7.1 release, GuardIEn Studio is a fully functional Eclipse based client for GuardIEn for use with Studio Developer. All of the functions of the GuardIEn Windows client are available in the Studio interface with bi-directional integration with Studio Developer - you can open the editor for an object from GuardIEn and from Studio Developer you can open the GuardIEn Deliverable editor and Action Diagram viewer.

With the combination of Studio Developer and GuardIEn Studio, you now have access to all of your development tools in a single integrated workbench. You can combine editing the models with viewing data on changes made to the objects, powerful impact analysis via Object List+, subset definition, migrations and much more.

With GuardIEn Studio you also have integrated clients for:
  • Powerful impact analysis using Object List+

  • Integrated Uploads to the encyclopaedia with the Upload Assistant

  • Automated code checking with VerifIEr

  • Code Coverage Testing with pathvIEw

  • Managing External Objects with XOS

  • Subset Definition and managing background tasks via the Subset and Task Assistants

[Image: GuardIEnStudio.png]
Darius Panahy, IET Ltd

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