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Release 8.8.4 Preview 2 - Web Services
Release 8.8.4 of the IET DevOps suite (including GuardIEn and Studio Developer) will be available on 21st September. This update contains some exciting new features and enhancements that will be previewed over the next few days.

This preview introduces the new Web Services design and generation capabilities in Studio Developer and GuardIEn.

Current Gen Web Service Capabilities

Gen currently has various web service capabilities in the standard product:

A default SOAP interface to Gen servers when using the Transaction Enabler for C generated applications.
- Generation of EJBs with a SOAP web service interface.
- Generation of a SOAP web service that accesses a Gen server via a generated Java proxy using the Gen toolset Web Services Wizard.
- Define and generate custom SOAP web services using Gen Studio that invoke a generated Java EJB server.
- There are also third-party and hand-coded alternatives, but these options can have the disadvantage that any definitions for the web service are maintained outside of the Gen model and need to be kept in synch with changes to the procedure step import and export views.
- Web services maintained outside of the model cannot be automatically migrated and  generated as part of a GuardIEn system update to promote through the life-cycle.

Studio Developer Web Service Capability

To provide a more integrated and automated web service design, maintenance and generation capability for Gen, Studio Developer adds support for REST services for CICS and Java platforms (proxy or EJB) and SOAP services for CICS.

In addition to the definition of customised web services, Studio Developer also supports the concept of a “default" web service that can be generated for a load module to enable a web service interface for all (or selected) server procedure steps without needing to define and maintain a separate web service definition.

The web services are generated for the following platforms:

1) A REST/JSON web service targeting a JEE application server. The Gen servers can either be generated as a Java EJB or invoked via a Java proxy. The Java proxy can then invoke the Gen server on all platforms supported by the Java proxy, for example Windows, UNIX and MVS. 

2)  A SOAP/XML and/or REST/JSON interface using CICS web services.

The table below shows the support for the various platforms for SOAP and REST services, sub-divided into “default” which means that a web service can be generated from a procedure step without needing to maintain a separate web service definition and “custom” which means that the web service definition uses custom procedure step interfaces and path names as well as additional features like query and path parameters and response code mapping.

There are new system updating steps available with GuardIEn to automate the generation and installation of the web services so that when a new or changed server procedure step is migrated though the life-cycle, the web services that use it can be automatically updated.

Darius Panahy, IET Ltd
Hi Darius
Congratulation for the new feature however I hope you can publish video tutorial.
How to use the new feature

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