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Release 8.8.4 Preview 4 - Data Model and Navigation Diagrams
Release 8.8.4 of the IET DevOps suite (including GuardIEn and Studio Developer) will be available on 21st September. 

This preview introduces two new diagrams in Studio Developer - the Data Model Diagram and the Navigation Diagram

Data Model Diagram
Studio Developer now provides a data model diagram to facilitate visualisation of all or part of the data model. 

Large data models can be difficult to comprehend, and it is often more useful to be able to view a subset of the data model focussed on specific entity types, so the Studio Developer data model diagram has been designed to make it quick and easy to view the data model for a specific set of entity types. Diagrams can then be saved, either to the model or a local file.


Navigation Diagram
For visualising UI navigation it is often more useful to be able to view the dialog flows between a small selection of procedure steps rather the entire model or business system. Studio Developer now provides a Navigation Diagram which displays the dialog flows between screened procedure steps. Multiple diagrams can be opened at the same time and saved to the model.

Darius Panahy, IET Ltd

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