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Using WinSCP for CSE->MVS processing
The GuardIEn CSE->MVS build processes use FTP to transfer generated code & include files as well as submit jobs. 

The functions are developed in exits to enable customisation, and on the Windows platform, the sample exits use the standard Windows ftp.exe command line client. 

Increasingly customers are moving away from ftp to more secure versions like sftp, ftps or require features not offered by ftp.exe, for example passive mode.

One popular alternative to the windows command line utility is WinSCP. To make it easier for customers to use this instead of ftp.exe without needing to modify the exit source code, the sample exits (gdcsejcl, gdftpsrc and gdftpinc) have been amended to also support WinSCP, with the choice controlled by an environment variable.

These new exits will be available in Release 8.8.1, but should you have a need to replace ftp.exe before availability of 8.8.1, contact IET and we can send you the updated exit source code.
Darius Panahy, IET Ltd

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