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Announcing the IET DevOps Suite
IET are pleased to announce the availabilty of the IET DevOps Suite.

IET DevOps Suite

[Image: DevOpsSuiteSmall.jpg]

To reflect the integrated nature of the IET products and the fact that multiple products are installed with GuardIEn (for example VerifIEr, pathvIEw, genIE and Object List+) plus the ability to integrate Studio Developer with other IET products, these products have been grouped together for installation purposes as the IET DevOps Suite where previously they were installed as part of GuardIEn.

DevOps Studio

The CA Gen Studio based plug-ins (Studio Developer and Studio GuardIEn) are now called DevOps Studio. 

The DevOps Studio clients are now installed as part of the IET DevOps Suite clients (previously the GuardIEn clients). The Eclipse based user interface provided in Studio offers a more productive and integrated user experience compared to the normal Windows GUI clients, especially when combined with Studio Developer. If the workstation has CA Gen Studio installed, all users of GuardIEn, VerifIEr, pathvIEw and other DevOps Suite products can (and are encouraged to) use the new Studio interface.
Darius Panahy, IET Ltd

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