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View Descriptions
A recent idea posted on the CA Gen forum was to allow NOTE statements to be defined for views so that views could be better described, especially when their purpose is not easily documented in the view name. Whilst the CA Gen toolset allows you to enter a description for a view,
you have to double-click the view to open it's properties dialog and then open the secondary Description dialog to check if the description exists and view it.

It would require a significant change to the CA Gen toolset and meta model to allow NOTE statements in the view section, but at IET we felt that the description was adequate for the purpose, but the issue was the lack of visibility of the description value if it had been entered.

To address this requirement, we have implemented the following enhancements:

1) In the next GuardIEn 8.7 service pack (8.7.4) you will be able to view the view descriptions from the GuardIEn PAD Editor, for example:

[Image: Annotation%2B2020-03-30%2B151021.png]

2) In Studio Developer the action diagram editor displays the views. For longer descriptions you can hover over the description to view the complete text.

[Image: Image2.png]

You can also edit the description more easily:

[Image: Image3.png]
Darius Panahy, IET Ltd

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