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New CA Gen Training Videos
Studio Developer is a modern Eclipse based alternative to the CA Gen toolset. Designed to be easier to use and learn, Studio Developer has been enthusiastically adopted by several CA Gen sites who report very positive feedback from both new and experienced developers. 

To help train new developers in CA Gen, IET have started to produce a series of short videos that show how to build applications using CA Gen with Studio Developer.

Each module will be concise with the idea that a new developer can watch the video and then practice the concepts learnt.

The first module is now available. In this module we dive straight in and build a simple 'Hello World' application. Future modules will cover concepts like action diagramming, common action blocks, UI design, views, data modelling, client/server and more.

The videos are available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL...k_mZDIZ8sS

For best results, please adjust the video quality to 1080p when playing the videos.

We welcome feedback on the format of the videos.
Darius Panahy, IET Ltd
The second module is now available, which covers Views and Worksets. More modules will be coming soon.

If you want to jump straight into a specific module or take a look at the model that was used in the videos, you can download the model that is used to start each module from the Studio Developer Training page. To access this, visit the Studio Developer page on the IET web site and click on Training.
Darius Panahy, IET Ltd

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