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New Service Packs (8.8.4 and 8.7.8) - Darius Panahy - 2023-09-21

Release 8.8.4 and Release 8.7.8 are now available to download. 

You can view the release notes here:

IET recommend that you install the service packs to obtain the latest fixes and new features.

In addition to fixes, Release 8.8.4 introduces many new features and enhancements:

REST Web Services
Studio Developer now provides the ability to define and generate both default and custom RESTful web service interfaces to Gen generated servers. The web services can also be generated using a system updating step using GuardIEn CSE. The web services are generated either for Java to target a JEE application server or COBOL to target CICS.

CICS SOAP Web Services
Studio Developer now provides the ability to define and generate default and custom CICS SOAP web service interfaces to Gen generated applications.

GuardIEn Web Services Comms Option
GuardIEn can now use web services as an alternative client/server communications option between the GuardIEn client and server for CSE platforms (using the in-built web services feature of the Gen transaction enabler) and also for CICS (using the new GuardIEn feature to generate CICS SOAP web services).

Action Diagram Compare Editor
Studio Developer provides a new editor that performs a side-by-side comparison of two action diagrams. The action diagrams can be from the same model or two different models, and reside either as a local model on the workstation or in the encyclopaedia. For example you can compare an action diagram from a development model that is downloaded to the workstation with the production fix model in the encyclopaedia.

The Compare Editor provides full action diagram editing capabilities for both action diagrams, allowing changes made to be easily re-compared until the desired changes have been made.

Data Model Diagrams
Studio Developer now provides a data model diagram to facilitate visualisation of all or part of the data model.

Navigation Diagrams
Studio Developer now provides a Navigation Diagram which displays the dialog flows between screened procedure steps.

Project Definition Diagrams
The life-cycle and model architecture diagrams are now available in the GuardIEn Studio client.

The GuardIEn API is now based on REST web services, making it easier to integrate third party tools with the IET DevOps suite.
TLS support
Many of our customers are disallowing the use of plain unencrypted FTP. The GuardIEn client and Remote Processing Deamon (RPD) now support SSL/TLS encryption. This enables you to encrypt the data exchanged between the client and server using FTPS which can often be achieved through a setting on your existing FTP server rather than having to migrate to an alternative SFTP product.

Support for Linux CSE
GuardIEn is now available for a Linux CSE.

Increased number of jobcard lines
The number of jobcard header lines supported by GuardIEn has been increased from 4 to 10, primarily to support long passwords in the jobcard.

Security Token
GuardIEn can now use a security token for user authentication. An example is when multi-factor authentication is enabled that requires a time-limited code to be included in the password and subsequent authentication using a generated token rather than the time-limited password.