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Studio Developer Automated Generation - Darius Panahy - 2020-09-24

Release 8.7.4 brings a new feature to Studio Developer - Automated Generation.

Studio Developer Automated Generation enables code generation and build process to be automatically initiated based on data in a control file. When the control file is transferred to a folder on the workstation, the generate and build process is automatically started by the Studio Developer Automated Generation Monitor. It can be used in combination with the GuardIEn Host Encyclopaedia Remote Generation feature or the control files can be created using other methods.

The CA Gen Host Encyclopaedia (HE) only supports direct generation for MVS targets, so non-MVS code (for example GUI or Web clients, proxies or non-MVS servers) cannot be generated directly from the HE. GuardIEn on the Host Encyclopaedia incorporates a new feature for system updating called Remote Generation which creates the control files and performs the subset scoping and download tasks to be able to automatically perform the generation and build using Studio Developer Automated Generation.