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Host Encyclopaedia Remote Generation - Darius Panahy - 2020-09-24

A new Remote Generation feature has been added to GuardIEn for the Host Encyclopaedia in Release 8.7.4.

Code generation on the CA Gen Host Encyclopaedia is limited to MVS/COBOL target environments. This means that if you need to generate code for other platforms (for example clients, proxies or non-MVS server environments), you have to download models or subsets to generate code locally on the toolset. This approach requires manual intervention by a developer and has been practically impossible to automate until now with the release of GuardIEn Remote Generation and Studio Developer Automated Generation.

Remote Generation is a new component of GuardIEn's automated system updating facility which enables the generation of code remotely. The remote generation step automatically scopes and downloads a subset containing those objects that need to be regenerated along with a control file which specifies what objects require generation and installation.

Automated Generation is a new feature in Studio Developer which automatically checks for the remote generation control files (which have been transferred to the workstation by GuardIEn) and then prepares the subset and generates / installs the code as specified in the control file. 

With the combination of GuardIEn Remote Generation and Studio Developer Automated Generation, users of the CA Gen host encyclopaedia can now completely automate the generation and build of their application across all target platforms - clients, proxies, web services and both MVS and non-MVS server code.