At IET we help our customers improve their Gen development environment to deliver quality applications with higher developer productivity.

Our products are used by the majority of the leading Gen sites worldwide to automate their development processes, deliver high quality, modern web interfaces and improve developer productivity.

Featured Products:

The IET DevOps Suite is an integrated family of software tools that significantly improve Gen developer productivity and the quality of delivered applications. This is achieved through automation of key development processes and a modernised Eclipse based integrated develoment environment covering application development and key DevOps tasks.

Studio Developer: Modernised developer workbench making Gen development easier and faster.
GuardIEn: Fast and error-free deployment of Gen applications with automated version control, change management and build processes.
VerifIEr: Detect and correct errors with automated static code analysis and standards verification.
pathvIEw: Improve quality using code coverage testing to validate your application testing.
xTrace: Reduce testing time with an advanced trace tool for Gen Batch, IMS and CICS applications on z/OS

Rapide enables the development of impressive web / browser interfaces with Gen, with easy conversion from existing Gen GUI and web applications.

With Rapide you can develop responsive user interfaces that cater for different form factors and device types and use a powerful set of widgets to enable a user experience previously not available with Gen.

Rapide also supports highly automated conversions from block mode 3270 applications to sophisticated web interfaces.


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