1st March 2018

The development of Studio Developer and the initial beta test phase is nearing completion. Studio Developer will be previewed at the forthcoming Edge Technical Exchange conference in Plano on 5th June where delegates will have an opportunity to try this exciting new tool on their own models.

16th May 2017

We are now 3 months into the beta test. The results so far have been very encouraging with some very positive feedback from the developers who have been using the new toolset. Some of the comments received so far are:

13th February 2017

The Block Mode Screen Designer and Activity Hierarchy have now been completed and we are starting a beta test this week with a selected group of customers.

6th October 2016

Based on feedback from the user survey, we decided that including GUI user interface design was an important feature for the first release since a significant number of organisations are developing applications with a Gen based user interface. Leaving this feature until a subsequent release would have meant that these organisations would not have been able to use the new toolset. We have therefore been working on a completely new UI designer and this is now complete.

17th March 2016

Thank you to the many people who attended the launch seminar yesterday. It was a fantastic turnout with over 30 different Gen customer sites represented. A recording is now available at

We are now collecting the results of the user survey which should be completed by 31 March.

29th February 2016

IET announce the Studio Developer project. We wish to discuss its applicability and relevance to the Gen user community with a view to deciding on how best to bring the project to market.

A web conference is scheduled for Wednesday 16th March at 15:00 UK time to which all interested parties are invited to attend. Register at