Studio Developer is a replacement for the current CA Gen windows developer toolset with a new set of tools based on Eclipse.

The current Gen toolset is perceived by many developers to be out-dated, especially those familiar with more modern tools based on development environments like Eclipse, RDz and Visual Studio. Its interface relies heavily on the mouse, especially for action diagramming. Whilst this provides a very accurate method of development with little possibility for making syntactical mistakes, many developers would prefer to have the choice of a keyboard-driven approach to coding with additional features like undo and flexible editing.

Studio Developer aims to:


The approach taken to developing Studio Developer follows these key principles:

1) Respect the strengths of the current toolset

The current toolset does many things very well. Notable features are the high level of consistency between all elements of the model, the ease with which syntactically correct code can be developed and the integration and consistency between the different diagrams.

Studio Developer project will recognize and retain these strengths.

2) Maximise compatibility with the current toolset

Most Gen developers are familiar with the current toolset having used it for many years. It is important that any new toolset is highly compatible with the current toolset.

Studio Developer has been designed with this principle so that a developer can start it with a minimum of training and familiarisation.

3) Focus on key areas for improvement

Over the 30 year life of CA Gen there have been many suggestions for enhancements and improvements. Some important ideas have been impossible to develop in the old toolset but would significantly improve the product if implemented.

The design goals for Studio Developer are to focus on delivering these key improvements, many of which are detailed in the separate pages on the Model Explorer, Action Diagrammer and UI Designer.

4) Simplification

The current Gen toolset contains many tools and features that are not essential to the design and development of applications. To make Gen easier to use, especially for new developers, Studio Developer will provide a core set tools that are simplified and streamlined to suit the purpose of application development.