Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of CA Gen will be supported? CA Gen 8.5 and above
Will I still need a CA Gen toolset? Yes, Studio Developer is based on CA Gen Studio which is installed with the CA Gen toolset. However for majority of developer activities the toolset will not be used since Studio Developer will have all of the editors required. There will be some functions not immediately available like consistency check reports, and the toolset can be used for these.
Can I still use the CA Gen toolset as well as Studio Developer? Yes, CA Gen Studio and the toolset use the same local model .dat files so you can open the model with either. The only restriction is that you cannot have the same model open simultaneously in both the toolset and Studio.
Does Apply on one editor apply all changes on all editors or just the current editor The Apply button on an editor saves the changes for that editor to the local model and also refreshes other editors that reference the object, for example if you change an entity type name, that new name will be displayed in action diagrams that reference the entity type.
What about tracing / debugging? The use of the CA Gen Diagram Trace Utility or xTrace is not affected by Studio Developer since they are used at runtime and not part of the development tools. A future project might consider migrating these tools into Gen Studio to provide a single user interface for tracing as well as development.
Will I need Rapide to use the new UI Designer? No, use of Rapide is not required. However for projects that are using Rapide, the new UI designer provides a seamless capabilty to use Rapide features and controls without needing a separate plug-in.