IET Web Seminars

22nd January 2015

Please join us for a series of web seminars in February and March.

To register for these free events and for more details, please visit

All of the events start at 15:00 UK time (10:00 EST, 16:00 CET) and last for between 30 and 45 minutes.

Date Event Description
4 Feb 2015 Introduction to Rapide An introduction to Rapide, IET's design and generation option for implementing modern cross-platform apps for web, mobile and desktop using CA Gen.
5 Feb 2015 GUI to Web with Rapide This seminar and live demonstration will show how you can easily migrate a CA Gen Windows GUI application to the web using Rapide, including an overview of how Rapide overcomes many of the issues faced in these projects.
11 Feb 2015 Mobilise your Gen applications with Rapide This seminar and live demonstration will show how you can use Rapide to implement a native mobile application on iOS and Android using CA Gen and Rapide.
12 Feb 2015 Block Mode to Web with Rapide The Rapide Block Mode Option provides a highly automated and quick way of transforming block mode (3270) applications to a web interface. This seminar will introduce the block mode option and provide a live demo of transforming a sample application to the web.
25 Feb 2015 Automated CA Gen Model Management, Impact Analysis and Build This seminar will introduce IET's automated solutions for CA Gen model management. It will show how you can automate your model management, impact analysis and build processes to provide an error free, productive and repeatable development process.
26 Feb 2015 Advanced trace and debug for zOS applications using xTrace xTrace is the most advanced tool for tracing and debugging CA Gen z/OS applications. This live demo will show how xTrace can significantly reduce the effort required to debug and test CA Gen z/OS applications.
18 Mar 2015 Improve the quality and performance of your Gen applications IET's VerifIEr tool is an automated code checking tool that contains over 150 pre-defined checks aimed at detecting errors in your Gen models, highlighting performance improvements and ensuring compliance with your standards.
19 Mar 2015 Code Coverage Testing for CA Gen This seminar and live demo will outline how code coverage testing can help ensure that your applications are thoroughly tested using pathvIEw - IET's product for code coverage testing of CA Gen applications.