Gen Studio Developer Update

6 Oct 2016

It is now a few months since we first announced the Gen Studio Developer project.

Based on feedback from the user survey conducted at the end of March, we decided that including GUI user interface design was an important feature for the first release since a significant number of organisations are developing applications with a Gen based user interface. Leaving this feature until a subsequent release would have meant that these organisations would not have been able to use the new toolset. We have therefore been working on a completely new UI designer and this is now complete.

The action diagrammer is functionally complete and we are working on fine tuning and testing to ensure it is a great new tool for developing Gen applications. We at IET are now using Gen Studio Developer for our own development, and since Studio Developer is itself largely developed using Gen and Rapide, this is proving to be a great source of ideas for improving the usability and functionality of the toolset.

The next step will be a beta test phase and we will soon be in contact with those organisations that expressed a willingness to participate. It is likely that the beta test phase will commence early in the new year.

You can view more details at