Gen Studio Developer Availability

18 October 2018

Following an extensive 2 year beta test phase with selected customers, IET are delighted to announce the availability of our new product - Studio Developer.

Studio Developer is a replacement for the legacy Gen toolset with the objectives of:

Studio Developer is based on Eclipse, one of the best known industry standard development environments. It offers a modern user interface and many exciting new features that complement and build on the strengths of CA Gen.

Over a period of nearly 2 years, Studio Developer has been tested by a number of customers and the feedback on the new user interface has been very positive. Here are some comments that we received: 

"It is more intuitive to use (it reminds me of RDz, Visual Studio, Eclipse)"

"Studio Developer is easier to get used to. It takes a long time to get used to the old toolset"

"It is faster to code programs"

"It is not so restricted when you code"

"If you have forgotten how to do something, you get much more help"

"More manageable, and easy to find out where to do what"

"Search is much easier"

You can view more details at and take a look at the countdown of 10 cool new features on the IET Development Blog.