Release 8.6

11th March 2015

Release 8.6 is now available for download from the IET web site.

Full details of the enhancements can be found in the Release Notes.

Highlights of this major new release include:

Gen 8.5 Runtimes

Release 8.6 uses the Gen 8.5 runtimes which is now the only supported release of Gen. Due to changes in the transaction enabler (TE), use of the Gen 8.5 TE is a pre-requisite for Windows and UNIX platforms, though earlier releases of the CSE are supported.

WebCR Enhancements

The Rapide based web interface for GuardIEn now provides multiple instance tabs for opening multiple CRs / RPs.

Target Property Compare

A new feature in Target Property Definition allows you to compare the property values between two targets.

Impact Wizard Add Attribute analysis

The Impact Analysis wizard Add Attribute action now suggests a potential change for action blocks that update the entity type.

pathvIEw Baseline

To assist in reviewing untested changes, an action block instance can be defined as a 'baseline' which means that it will not be deleted by the housekeeping job. It will also be the default instance chosen for comparison with the current instance when comparing changes.

Test Data Generation

The genIE View Initialisation plug-in has a new option to generate SET statements that initialise views to random data values rather than spaces/zero. This can be used to create a simple mock version of an action block or procedure step that returns some data.

Insert CASE Clause Plug-in

A new plug-in for inserting a new CASE clause to a numeric CASE OF statement and re-numbering the existing clauses.